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Get Out of Your Own Way!

We’ve made it too easy to stop ourselves before we even accomplish a thing. I have been a victim of doing this very thing.

Conquering your Fears!!

Have you ever had a moment where you started something but then quickly changed your mind? Like you automatically thought, "Nope, it's going to turn out wrong and I refuse to waste my time." Well, when I started this look, that was my entire thought process from beginning to end. I truly stopped having faith in my craft which led me to no longer have faith in every brushstroke. This look garnered (am I saying that right? Oh well) over 50,000 views on Instagram and I was one button away from even posting it. My husband will most times watch me do my makeup and make comments from time to time. This time he was very vocal because I literally spent so much time on this look. Most times I will go on Pinterest and try to put my own spin on things which can lead me to take even longer and of course, he's over here confused on why I would spend almost 2 HOURS only to wipe everything off? It's simple. I got scared 😩 I was so worried that no one would like it, that I immediately began to hate it. Now I hang it up in my studio to remind me to stay out of my head. You have to let go of those worries. Let go of that nagging voice in your head and just do it. You want to lose weight? Do it. You want to go bungee jumping? More power to you sis but DO IT! You don't need anyone to validate you or convince you because we have to get out of our own head. You will never know what's in store for you unless you try.

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