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Meet Mia Frison

This Is How Her Story Began

Miannica "Mia" Frison is a makeup artist based in Birmingham, AL who is known for her out of the box makeup styles such as SFX and Avant Garde. She has assisted clients with photo shoots, fashion shows, TV commercials, editorial features and weddings. 


Mia first fell in love with makeup at the age of six playing in her mom's makeup and she has never looked back. As a freshman in college, Mia started doing makeup out of her dorm room and began growing more as an artist. This in turn helped her hobby blossom into a love that she knew could not be a small part of her life anymore. She decided that she wanted to focus on her passion of the beauty industry in 2016.


Mia has always had a love for beauty and hence the name MiAmor Beauty was born. Growing up, Mia had self esteem issues and used makeup to “make” herself feel beautiful. After learning that makeup was only an enhancement of her beauty and learning to love herself, Mia began to learn more about her passion. Now she uses her knowledge to educate and empower her clients. 


Miannica “Mia” Frison was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a mother of three and enjoys writing poetry, reading and spending time with her husband and kids. 


MiAmor Beauty

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